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Security Applications

According to the Turkish Republican laws, personal data of people can only be processed appropriate to procedure and principal. According to the law, personal data "has to be preserved as long as necessary for being appropriate to law and honesty principles, correct and at the same time updated, process for indicated open services, and for the aims of it being processed."  


The personal files of people and data belonging to them will not be processed without their consent. Without seeking for clear consent of applicants, data can be processed in cases of the presence of at least one of the items indicated below.   


  • Applicants who are in the state of not being able to explain their own will or applicants whose will has not been identified legally valid, in case it is mandatory for the protection of the life of their own or another.  
  • In case there is a contract or the personal data belonging to the contract parties must be processed with the execution of the contract 
  • In case it is mandatory for the personal data accountables to execute their legal obligations.
  • In case it is mandatory for the personal data accountables to process in accordance with their legitimate interests, without harming the fundamental rights and freedoms of the concerning people.   

The ethnic origin, political views, race, religion, philosophical belief, health, sexual life, union membership, convictions and security data and biometric data of the applicants have been classified as Private qualified Personal Data and processing these data without the consent of the person is considered forbidden in the Turkish Criminal Law.  

The TRA Passport Visa Consultancy Data security system is an expert at defining the relations in the risks and security regulations and has a resume consisting of the subjects of assesment and criminal proceedings of the concerning people, and preventing fraud. The security and confidentiality of the data given by the client accepted by our company is of high priority. The security of all our services are done by executing electronic and physical precuations in the best manner.   


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