TRA, Turkey Residence Agency.

Our Quality Regulations

Based on the principle " The customer is always right", we have to make sure that the service and technology we provide is structured on whether people can benefit from it or not. TRA Passport Visa Consultancy, by constructing a good quality management for the development and continuity of the quality standards, uses applications and methods of world standards to make quality an inseperable whole of your daily life and work life.Management applications like ISO standards and Optimum Service emblems are obtained with quality road maps. We insert quality to our work and constantly observe our performances, therefore, quality standardizing becomes stable.  


Our Quality Regulations consolidate in 3 layers,

  • Quality Control
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Quality Management


Important developments in communication and informatics technologies together with the global competition based on information and skills which accelerated following 2017 have brought along reconstruction regarding the re-evaluation and development of the systems in the field of visa and residency applications varying parallel to these developments.  

The fact that every passing day the application requests for residency and visa have increased, the changing economic and social balances and the expectance of information and a more qualified service makes systematic and strategic approaches mandatory for this reason. As TRA Passport Visa Consultancy, we are a reliable source for delivering all updated information and documents to its clients in the most correct way.


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