TRA, Turkey Residence Agency.

IT Data Security

IT Data Security surveillance is a target which aims to guarantee regarding whether Interactive technological substructure and its timing could benefit from themselves or not. The productive use of this system resources coherent to the laws means the confidentiality and protection of the personal data.  

The Information Technology unit is a field of real specialty with a long fund of knowledge. It means IT (Information Technology). The IT general surveillance method consists of processual controls and technique controls. All of the security precautions and physical controls supporting the resistance to threats of the Information Technology data base are among the IT controls.    

TRA Passport Visa Consultancy offers solutions to its customers with securely catching and transferring personal data, providing interactive software, hardware, integration, and database management. 

These are some of the solutions we offer.

  • Database security vulnerability evaluation and stress test.
  • Stable operation of all server and equipment and software arrangements. 
  • 24/7 surveillance of the software and security wall.
  • Network management systems
  • The examination of security codes for 3rd part suppliers.
  • Testing of applications and technical surveillance
  • The development of organizational structures if necessary for coherence within institutions
  • The process being developed and the working employees be educated within this context
  • The process of the data classes being indicated and accessibility over the data cycle.
  • Necessary precautions for the protection of the client traffic and communication content on sectoral basis and applying necessary systems to ensure that these precautions ahve been taken.
  • Precautions taken in order for CRM information not to be received by the competition in our sector that has high competition.



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