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Migration Management

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Directorate General for Migration Management was founded on 14.03.2013. The directorate, which is shortly called as “GİGEM”, is also known by the name of Directorate General of Migration Management. Directorate General for Migration Management was established by Law of 04/04/2013 No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection and commenced the activities thereof officially as from the date of enactment of the law. The establishment of the Directorate General of Migration Management, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Interior, is mentioned in Article 1 of Law No. 6458. All the powers and responsibilities of the directorate which was operating under the name of the Directorate of Foreigners Department were transferred to the Directorate General of Migration Management and the functioning of the directorate was made to comply with international standards.

The Directorate General of Migration Management has been established due to the fact that migration movements do not only affect the states receiving migration but also because it is in the first place of the agenda with its political, economic, social and cultural dimensions in the whole geography in line with globalization due to its serious effects on societies and such population movements are the main determinants of international relations and politics. Turkey, being one of the important transit routes, is one of the countries in the focus of the said population movements. There is a dramatic increase in the number of foreigners who have arrived Turkey in recent years. The number of foreigners entering and leaving Turkey is more than 30 million in one year and 400,000 of these foreigners reside in Turkey. Turkey's status as a transit country has changed in recent years and Turkey has become a target country for migration in terms of migration movements. Given this fact, presence of a human rights-oriented competent institution having qualified personnel and a strong infrastructure, which develops strategies as regards its field of operation and which develops current policies and implements them like other similar institutions of the world has become inevitable.

The Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458 provides guarantee for immigrants and foreign nationals in pursue of international protection by implementing an effective asylum and migration management on strong grounds. The legal framework of immigrant and refugee rights in Turkey has become in compliance with international standards thanks to this law. The Directorate General of Migration Management, founded by virtue of this law, has the target of being organized in 81 provinces and 148 districts in Turkey, and abroad.

The objective of the establishment of the Directorate General of Migration Management, having a civil structure, is the management of the institution by experts, and mechanisms which are open to renewal and international cooperation, which briefly follow the current information and developments closely and keep pace with the entire dynamic structure of the processes within the field of operation of the institution.

Directorate General Migration Management carries out the operations thereof as institution which prevents the possible accumulation of refugees in the borders which ensures the regulation of refugee distributions in a coordinated way which works actively on issues such as maintenance of shelter and food in addition to regulating almost all proceedings of foreigners within Turkey.

The Directorate General of Migration Management implements policies and strategies in the field of migration, provides coordination between the relevant institutions and organizations and conducts works and proceedings on entry, residence, exit and deport of foreign nationals in Turkey, in addition to proceedings as to temporary protection, international protection and protection of human trafficking victims.

The Directorate General of Migration Administration, trying to solve the problems of all foreigners, including the problems of especially foreigners who apply for international protection who are victims of human trafficking and who are trying to adapt to the conditions of Turkey by developing human-oriented policies, aims to establish and implement an effective migration management system in Turkey and carry out policies to contribute to the formation of international migration policies.

The Directorate General of Migration Administration hosts a variety of centers and units within the structure thereof such as repatriation centers as well as acceptance and accommodation centers.

Following services are provided at the Migration Management Repatriation Centers;

  1. Emergency and fundamental health services which cannot be paid by foreign nationals, are provided free of charge.
  2. Foreign nationals are provided with the opportunity of having access to and contact with their relatives, legal representatives, notaries and lawyers in addition to having access to phone services.
  3. Foreign nationals are provided with the opportunity of meeting with their visitors, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees officials as well as consular officials of the country of which they are citizens.
  4. Ministry of National Education takes the necessary measures in order to ensure that their children benefit from education and training opportunities.
  5. Families and unaccompanied minors are housed in separate locations by taking into account the best interests of children.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations specialized in the field of migration are allowed to visit repatriation centers by approval of the Directorate General.

Following services are provided at the acceptance and shelter centers;

The housing, health, food, social and other needs of applicants or those who have international protection status are met. The issue of hosting people with special needs in centers is applied in priority. Applicants who reside outside the acceptance and shelter centers or persons with international protection status and their family members may benefit from the services provided at these centers.

Transactions which can be carried out via the Migration Administration

The following transactions can be carried out via the Migration Administration;

  1. Visa transactions ,
  2. Transactions related to residence,
  3. Transactions related to stateless persons,
  4. Fight against irregular migration,
  5. Transactions related to deport,
  6. International protection,
  7. Temporary protection,
  8. Fight against human trafficking,
  9. Process of harmonization of foreign nationals in Turkey,
  10. Migration projects,
  11. Foreign identification number,
  12. Information related to country of origin.




Organization of Migration Administration


  1. Directorate of International Protection
  2. Directorate of Foreigners
  3. Directorate of Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking
  4. Directorate of Harmonization and Communication
  5. Directorate of Migration Policy and Projects
  6. Directorate of Strategy Development
  7. Directorate of Information Technologies
  8. Directorate of External Relations Department
  9. Department of Support Services
  10. Legal Consultancy
  11. Directorate of Human Resources Department
  12. Directorate of Training Department


  1. Provincial Directorate of Migration


  1. Migration Consultancy
  2. Attaché Office for Migration 

Visa Applications carried out through Migration Management

You can receive information on following issues as to visa procedures in Turkey from the Migration Management:

  1. Visa exemption,
  2. Foreigners who are not granted visa,
  3. Cancellation of visa,
  4. Visas granted at border gates,
  5. Airport transit visas,
  6. Information as to visa application,
  7. Countries to which Turkey applies and does not apply visa,
  8. Visa fee amounts.

Residence transactions carried out through Migration Management

All information as to the residence procedures of foreign nationals are provided through the Directorate General of Migration. As such, you can receive information on following issues as to residence procedures from the Migration Management

  1. General information as to residence permit,
  2. Types of residence permit,
  3. Application for a residence permit,
  4. Documents required for residence permit,
  5. Information as to residence permit fee ,
  6. E-residence system.


The e-residence website prepared within the purview of the e-residence project through the Directorate General of Migration Management has been active as from 18.05.2015 in order to enable foreign residents living in Turkey to make their residence permit transactions electronically. Foreign nationals who desire to receive their residence permit within the purview of the e-residence project which serves in more than one foreign language can make their transactions via internet. Foreign residents applying for their residence permit extensions can conclude their transactions in electronic environment without coming to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management within this context. The first applications and transition applications can also be made electronically and the procedures are completed on the basis of the date of appointment received from the electronic environment via the Provincial Migration Management.



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