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DUS Examination

What is DUS (Examination for Specialty in Dentistry) Examination?

DUS, which denotes the Dentistry Specialization Examination applied in Turkey, is an examination conducted in order to select students who desire to receive specialized training in the Faculty of Dentistry within certain objective criteria. Candidates, who have been selected for specialization by ALES (Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam) and KPSS (Public Personnel Selection Examination) exams and interviews before, have begun to be selected by DUS (Dentistry Specialization Examination) since April 2012. There are eight departments in which specialization is carried out in the faculty of dentistry. These are as follows:

  1. Child Dentistry
  2. Mouth, Tooth and Chin Radiology
  3. Orthodontics
  4. Periodontology
  5. Endodontics
  6. Prosthetic Dental Treatment
  7. Mouth, Tooth and Chin Surgery
  8. Restorative Dental Treatment.


Service Fee


  1. A service fee determined by the Board of Directors may be taken for equivalence services from institutions and organizations requiring equivalence documents. These fees are as specified below;
  1. Application fee,
  2. Annual fee for each type of examination taken for receipt of equivalence,
  3. Objection fee for cases when the Directorate has rejected the equivalence request,
  4. A service fee to be received basing on the decision to be taken by the Board of Directors for equivalence approval requests of persons for examinations  equivalence of which has been determined by Directorate .


Foreign Language Exams Equivalence

An update has been made on 25.02.2016 regarding the equivalences of the Foreign Language Exams made by the ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) Board of Directors as a result of the reports of the Foreign Language Exams Equivalence Commission and the evaluations of the Office of Foreign Language Exams and the following decisions have been taken.

ÜDS (University Council Foreign Language Examination) – KPDS (Public Personnel Foreign Language Information Level Assessment Examination) – YDS (Foreign Language Assessment Examination) Equivalence

Foreign Language Assessment Examination (YDS), University Council Foreign Language Examination (ÜDS) and Public Personnel Foreign Language Information Level Assessment Examination (KPDS), which are made through the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM), are considered as bilaterally equivalent to each other.

Granting a work permit

Article 3 - For the Turkish raced foreigners to work or to be employed in the professions, arts and jobs that the Turkish citizens are allowed to do, provided that they bear the qualities required in the special laws and that they fulfill the requirements, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security gives permission having taken the opinions of the Ministries of Internal and Foreign Affairs and of the other relevant ministries and institutions, according to this Law and the Law on Work Permit for Foreigners..

Entering professional organizations

Article 4 – The foreigners who are allowed to work or to be employed as specified in Article 3 of this law laid have the obligation to register to relevant professional organizations like Turkish citizens in accordance with special legislations. They can benefit from all the rights except participating, electing and being elected in the general assembly of professional organizations they enter.

Application Procedures for DUS (Examination for Specialty in Dentistry) Examination

Applications for DUS are received electronically. The way to be followed by candidates on this issue is as follows;

  1. Receiving the guide and candidate application form;

Candidates who wish to apply for the examination can access the DUS application guidelines and the application form on the website of the ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) . Guide distribution and sales for this exam are not available.

  1. Determining where the application will be made;

Candidates with a valid photograph and valid educational information will make their application individually via internet to the website of ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) in ÖSYM candidates transactions system (AİS).Candidates not having valid photographs and education information for the ÖSYM AİS system will make their applications through ÖSYM application centers. Valid photograph denotes a photograph taken at any ÖSYM application center within the last 50 months and which is approved through ÖSYM.  Education information of the candidates will be received from the Higher Education Information System and reflected on the application screen. Those whose education information is not included in the Higher Education Information System (abroad (except TRNC), military school students or graduates and those who have obtained foreign national number from the ÖSYM candidates transactions system (candidates with code Foreign National Number starting with 0) will be displayed on the education information application screen of ÖSYM candidates transactions system (AİS) if they have any education information.

  1. Application Centers;

Addresses of application centers can be obtained from the internet address of ÖSYM as from the date of application. Application centers receive the applications of applicants during official work hours of official work days.

  1. Examination Fee Payment

Candidates who will apply will complete their application by paying the examination fee after completing their application proceedings.  Examination Fee has been determined as 110,00 Turkish Liras for 2016.

Examination Procedures

  1. All evaluations, calculation and selection processes as regards DUS (Dentistry Specialization Examination) are done in computer environment.
  2. Raw scores are obtained by adding the right and wrong answers given by the candidates to the questions separately and dividing the addition of wrong answers to four and then subtracting this number from the number of correct answers. The raw scores will be converted to standard scores average of which is 50 and standard deviation of which is 10 to determine the DUS (Dentistry Specialization Examination) scores to be used in the placement of the candidate.
  3. If any one of the questions is declared invalid in the analyzes made after the examination due to  a stylistic or scientific reason by the ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) and if any of the questions is marked in the relevant test the candidates who have will be accepted to answer this question correctly.





Foreign Nationals

To take DUS (Dentistry Specialization Examination) is mandatory for foreign national candidates who wish to study in dental medicine specialist training programs monthly according to Article 14 of the Regulation on Specialization in Medicine and Dentistry Education.

The quotas assigned for foreign nationals are reported each and every year. The quotas assigned for foreign nationals for the year 2016 are in the table at the end of the article.

Candidates from the Turkish Republics and coming from Turkish and Relative communities living in Asia and the Balkans as well as candidates who graduate from the dentistry faculties of our universities and want to continue their specialist training in the field of dentistry, are also required to enter DUS (Dentistry Specialization Examination) . Candidates who demand to receive state scholarship among the cited candidates can apply to the Higher Education Council by documenting their current situation. The quotas assigned for such candidates are included within the foreign quota. There is not a separate candidate application form or guide prepared by the ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) for foreign nationals. These candidates will be subject to all the provisions of the ÖSYM except for very special circumstances which do not concern them.

Foreign students who will carry out their specialist training in Turkey in the line with bilateral agreements will act in accordance with the provisions of such bilateral agreements.

Only candidates who have marked the Foreign Nationals option in the Nationality field can make selection from the quotas of foreign nationals. These candidates cannot prefer other quotas. The candidates whose other nationality fields are selected besides the Foreign Nationals option and the candidates who have marked “I would like to take advantage of Foreign Nationals quota” on the preference screen can prefer the foreign national quotas. Foreign Nationals candidates who have not marked “I would like to take advantage of Foreign Nationals quota” on the preference screen  can make their preferences from general quotas.

Foreign national candidates will be placed in the open quotas within the framework of the rules determined by ÖSYM, considering their scores and preferences.

Foreign students will not be placed in general quotas even if there is vacancy in these quotas.

Proceedings the Candidates can do via Internet in the DUS Examinations

Candidates can reach the guidance information as well as the announcements about the exams and applications published prior to the DUS (Dentistry Specialization Examination) every year on the website of ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center). Furthermore,  they can enter the candidates transactions system (AİS) system through T.R. identity numbers and passwords subsequent to completing the application process. The transactions that the candidates can perform via the ÖSYM internet site and the AİS system are as follows:

  1. Candidates having the right to apply individually can make individual applications via the internet,
  2. Candidates can see their application record information after completing the application process
  3. Candidates can modify and update their information as to the exam as well as  identification and contact details on the dates determined by ÖSYM ,
  4. Candidates can learn their educational information and see and examine diploma grade and score and information of disqualification status if any,
  5. Candidates can  receive examination entrance document,
  6. Candidates can see the examination results,
  7. Candidates can make preference,
  8. Candidates can learn  the placement results,
  9. Candidates can receive document and reference number and change their AİS password.




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