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Driving License

Driving License for Foreigners in Turkey

You will find information as to driving a vehicle,   selection of driving license and the processes related thereto for foreigners living in our country in this article. Driving licenses of foreign nationals received from their own countries are also valid in our country and they can use them by submitting only a document in Turkish including their statement therein when they are requested. Foreigners who want to receive a driving license in Turkey can have a new driving license in our country by providing the required documents and fulfilling the necessary stages.

Driving License Received From another Country

Foreign nationals can drive vehicles in our country with the driving license they have received from their own countries. There is no need to receive an additional international driving license. However, it is required from these persons to submit their original driving license with the original Turkish translation of such driving license and fulfill the required conditions. Driving documents received their own countries which are valid at traffic control points and in traffic transactions will be only valid with the original Turkish translation thereof in legal proceedings.

Conversion of Driving License Received from Other Countries for Our Country

It is also possible for foreigners who will stay in our country for a long term to convert their driving license for Turkey. It is sufficient for foreigners to apply to traffic departments of the provincial police headquarters to this end. No tests or examinations are made for foreigners in the cited traffic departments and it is possible to receive a driving license which will be valid in our country by submission of the necessary documents. Conversion of driving licenses received from abroad for our country is made by transactions taking a very short time. There are age limits according to vehicle types while converting driving licenses of foreigners. One has to be over 18 to be entitled for a driving license   for minibuses and cars, 17 for a driving license for motorcycle and 22 for a driving license for trucks and buses.

Documents Required for Conversion of Driving License Received from Other Countries

Original national identity card and 1 photocopy thereof - Residence Certificate

File to be received from Turkish Chamber of Drivers- It can also be received from driving courses

Turkish translation of foreign driving license certified by a notary or the embassy

2 biometric photos

Original of the foreign driving license- will be kept in the traffic department during the transaction

Report of driving license capability for B, E and A2 type driving licenses according to the vehicle status to be received from public hospitals or private health institutions in Turkey, 

Criminal record document

Document showing the blood group

Fee receipt received from the Ministry of Finance - Fee document paid according to vehicle class

Fee for Car Class A vehicle: 133.70 TL

Fee for Car Class A2 vehicle: 133.70 TL

Fee for Car Class B vehicle: 402.90 TL

Fee for Car Class D vehicle: 672.10 TL

The above fees are for the current vehicle classes and the fee for driving license is paid to Ziraat Bank while 108 TL of driving license revenue payment and 20 TL of traffic service fee are paid to Vakıfbank.

Receipt of Driving License for Foreigners in Turkey

It is possible to receive a driving license for foreigners in our country by application and fulfilling the necessary procedures. A foreigner has to apply to an authorized driving course, receive the relevant course and pass the required examination successfully and then go to the Traffic Registration Directorate at the local police headquarters with the required documents.

Application documents required for a new driving license for foreigners:

National identity document, original or 1 photocopy

Photocopies of documents received from Driving Course

Original of diplomas- diplomas of foreigners have to be received by the equivalency branch of the provincial national education directorate for certain proceedings, the equivalence document have to be obtained and applications have to be made with these documents. Furthermore, diplomas of foreign citizens have to be translated and approved by a notary public and a certificate of equivalence has to be received also from the relevant consulate.

File received from the Turkish Chamber of Drivers- the documents in the file are prepared according to the identification information and the driving courses are also authorized to make proceedings on this issue.

4 Photos

Blood group statement

Fee receipt received from the Ministry of Finance according to vehicle class



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